Are Our Mobile Phones Ageing Our Skin?

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In the hurly-burly of busy life, there are certain elements that make you always busy! Amongst others, Smartphones help you to keep you busy always and you can do anything with them.


In addition, Smartphone is the one that simplifies our day-to-day life. It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for something or know interesting things about certain elements; Smartphones are the only way to go…..!!


Through smartphones, you can perform different tasks like messaging, calling, video calling, taking photographs, gaming, and more! Thus, Smartphones play an important role in our day-to-day life!!


People want to safeguard their phones and so buy mobile phone accessories like mobile skins and phone cases. Both have different uses and help you to protect your phone from damage.


At the same time, choosing the best mobiles skins is not all an easy task! According to the brand of the mobile phone, users can buy the desired mobile skin at the most competitive prices.


Not only phone cases help you to protect your phone from unwanted damages but also mobile skin helps you to safeguard your phone to the fullest!!



Just imagine…!! You were kept your phone at home when you plan to go out! After realizing that you were not picking your phone, surely you will be freezed from the world. We use Smartphone for several things right from setting alarms for school or work, watching online videos, check-outs emails, and more!


Have you remembered a word, “A positive thing has equally negative thoughts”! Likewise, though Smartphones have tons of positive sides, continuous use of Smartphones will make you aging much faster!


Impacts of Smartphones to our skin!


Nowadays, mobile phones are greatly integrated into our new way of life! We all love to lead a life with our Smartphones and no one can live without phones! Due to its increased demand, people want to stay update with the latest models.


Most of people are spending enough time online at all the time. Without a reason, people used to scroll social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.


When having Smartphones in our hands, there is no chance of putting our phone in offline mode, right? The skins phone will protect your phone from several damages like scratches.



As we are busy with our Smartphones always, so we forget to know that these smart devices can damage your health and appearance. Without a doubt, using of Smartphones will make you age faster! Cosmetic Dermatologist says that Smartphone usage will get fine lines, enlarged pores and more.


To reduce the exposure of radiation, you can use skin mobile that decreases the chance of saving your phone from unexpected slipping from hand. It is a known fact that gadgets are easily exposed Smartphone users to radiation, which leads to serious health damage and risks.


Experts warned Smartphone users not to use mobile phones always and it is always better to reduce the time of using Smartphones in the nighttime.


4 Ways your Smartphone ruins your Skin!


We all become so dependent with our Smartphones and sometimes we even forget to perform the daily activities. And also, we never realize that we are exposed to many side effects that make your look dull and older.


The sweat and makeup residue comes in direct contact with your skin and lead to skin breakouts. As the radiation directly falls on to the breakouts, you may experience early wrinkles and dark spots.



Are you looking for the best skins for mobile? If so, then it is the right to browse the online store to find out the best designs to get rid of scratches. The aging skin cream will help you to protect your skin from extreme radiation.


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If you are unaware about how your Smartphone ruins your skin, then keep on reading the following content!




If you locate your phone to your chin, then it will lead to breakouts. The phone carries germs and oil and so it will directly fall into your skin and make them breakouts. If you want to reduce breakouts on your skin, you need to clean the phone periodically.


The phone has germs and debris that may stick on your skin when you put it on your face. Smartphones are like magnets that can easily grab bacteria anywhere! The makeup essentials and environmental toxins will damage your skin and make your aging much faster.



The Fix:


  • If you want to fix the acne issues more quickly, you need to minimize the skin contact to your phone.
  • Make sure you clean your phone twice a day! To clean the phones, you can make use of cleansing wipes with water and alcohol.


Buy facial cleanser that contains benzyl peroxide which helps you to clear pores. Buying skin of mobile helps you to prevent unwanted accidents and scratches!!!


Text Neck


Whether you are sitting, laying or walking, you usually start to use your phone. While using the phone, your neck will start to break down and so it is better to use the phone at eye level.


If you are the one who is constantly looking down at the phones, you will find creases on your neck! As a result of this, you will find an elasticity in the skin.


The continuous use of Smartphones will crease your neck and so it is always better to use your phone at eye level.



The Fix:


  • Prevention is better than cure! If you want to escape out of the crease, you need to practice good posture, and try to look straight instead of looking down while using the phone.
  • Early use of collagen building products help you to protect your neck fro crease.
  • When you are using phone continuously by looking down, your muscles will start to loosen up and so you can go ahead for facial muscle surgery thereby you can lift the look.


Early Wrinkles:


The continuous use of Smartphones will cause early wrinkles around your eyes. This is why; it is better to avoid seeing small fonts! When using Smartphones, you should increase the font size and brightness of the phone.


Don’t use Smartphones with lower brightness. Of course, we used to surf the internet and love to watch online videos during the night.


But, watching small fonts in the night will cause wrinkles around your eyes. With the best mobile phone accessories, you can protect your phone from scratches and unwanted accidents!



The fix:


  • Try to avoid on seeing small fonts on your Smartphones.
  • It is better to use under eye cream daily to avoid early wrinkles


Dark Spots:


Know the severe heat you feel from the phone will cause dark spots. The extreme heat will pave a great way for the development of dark spots on your skin. A recent study shows that high exposure to heat and radiation will cause dark spots.


As a result of the continuous use of phones, people will get premature age spots and hyperpigmentation. For example, if you are the one who is suffering from melasma, the extreme heat on your phone will cause serious damage to your skin and lead to dark spots!



The Fix:


  • If you notice drastic changes on the color of the skin, you should avoid of using the smartphone in the late night.
  • Make sure that your skin has a good amount of antioxidant protection that helps to prevent your skin from dark spots. And also, potent serum that contains Vitamin C and E helps you to brighten the skin.
  • If you want to restore lost brightness, you need to strengthen hydroquinone
  • Finally, applying a sunscreen lotion with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide on every morning to your face will help you to fix the dark spots.


Contact Dermatitis:


Continuous use of Smartphones contributes to skin allergies. In addition, you will get aging look that ruins your skin. If you find itchiness and rashes on your skin, it may be a result of non-stop use of the phones.



The Fix:


  • It is always good to wrap your phone with the best cover and screen protector. While doing so, you will never find any rashes on your skin.
  • Hydrocortisone cream will help you to get rid of itchiness and rashes. You can make use of the cream on every night before going to bed.


Premature Aging:


The visible light and radiation that comes out of the phone will make you aging much faster. Without a doubt, visible light will cause severe damage to your skin and offers a great way for the premature aging.


Continuous using of phones will cause earlier wrinkles and look older. The best solution is to avoid using of phones non-stop!



The Fix:


Revitalift CicaCream will make your look younger and you can apply on your skin to get rid of premature aging.


Tips to minimize the skin damage:


The radiation comes out of the phone can increase the production of melanin in the skin. The melanin production will cause uneven skin tone all over the face. As a result of this, you will get aging look and sure smartphone uses will increase skin damage and you should be aware of it!


Of course, mobile phones pave a way for several health hazards. Yet, a little care will help you to minimize the health risks. So, buy the best mobile phone products like mobile skin and phone cases to minimize the radiation exposure. You should strictly follow the adhere tips to minimize the skin damages.


Keep your phone far from your face:


Everyone in the world would love to be fair and gorgeous. But, Smartphones expose radiation that causes several skin problems like skin cancer and premature aging.


If you want to keep young and energetic, you need to keep your phone at a maximum distance away from your face while attending the phone. It is always better to use earphones when it comes to attending a call!


Bedtime is only for sleeping!


When you are going to sleep, it is advised to switch off your phone that helps to reduce the exposure of radiation. If you want to use torch light or alarm on your phone, you can turn flight mode on. When sleeping, you need to keep your phone far away from your pillow.


Don’t keep the phone near your head since it may cause severe skin problems. Keeping your phone at a longer distance will help you to avoid the direct contact of radiation. Having close contact with the phones will begin to breakouts your skin cells thereby you will get massive skin problems.


Don’t use phones in the midnight:


People who are feeling bored in the middle of the night have the habit of using Smartphones. They used to watch online videos or playing games. The habit of using phones in the late night will make you aging and damage your look.


At teen age, you will get dark spots and wrinkles due to continuous using of Smartphones. This is why; experts and dermatologists advise phone users not to use phones in late night.


Don’t use phones when having weak signals:


If your phone signal is weak, it is better to avoid using it. When a device fails to receive a strong signal, the electromagnetic radiation will be high. As a result of this, you will get older look more quickly. it is better to avoid using of phones when your device has weak signals.


Try to install smart apps:


It doesn’t matter a type of mobile phone you are having, you can install smart apps to find out the amount of radiation released through your phone. For example, Tawkon is a smart app that helps you to measure the amount of radiation released by your device.


If the radiation exposure is high, it will alert you. With this, you can stop using phones during the time and say goodbye to skin problems.


Be conscious selfie queens:


It is very simple to say which side you are holding your phone, the more you will get dark spots and wrinkles. The wrinkles are considered a sign of aging of your skin. At the same time, the more side you are taking Selfies; you will get aging look much faster.


It is because the LED’s and flashes are constantly released when clicking photos. It is better not to click for selfies all the times!


A little care always helps a lot to minimize the health hazards. Likewise, if you follow the above-mentioned tips, surely you can say goodbye to your aging look.


Use anti-oxidants cream to combat aging skin problems!


Due to the increased use of Smartphones, more and more people are easily exposed to skin diseases! Dermatologists also fear that continuous use of smartphone may increase the chance of skin problems like dark spots, wrinkles, premature aging, and more!


If you use the phone for longer times, the effects of Smartphones may dull your look and appearance.



If you are noticing aging skin on your face, then it is right to buy anti-oxidants cream that is rich in vitamin C to combat aging problems!


The skin problems will make everyone in stress and so dermatologists advice phone users to use new ANEW Essential Vitamin C Radiance Maximizing Serum to prevent skin aging issues.


The product is manufactured with a pure form of Vitamin C and helps you to combat any sorts of skin issues. Avon product is 100% pure and natural. When you read the ingredients used to manufacture the cream, you will be surprised that the product uses 30 oranges!


Buy the mobile skin from the right supplier!


In addition, you can shop premium skins mobile case to prevent the phone from unwanted damages. And also, mobile skins will help you to prevent the cause of scratches and offers a great way to maintain a look as possible.


Mobile skins not only protect your phone from unwanted damages like scratches but it also helps you to avoid entering of dust particles into your phone.


In this way, mobile skins save your phone from dust, debris and scratches! Therefore, you will find wide range of mobile skins in the market and so you can choose the desired options that you love the most.


The available materials are silicon, rubber, synthetic and more! According to your needs and requirements, you can buy it at the most competitive prices! Buy the most gorgeous mobile skins and protect your phone from unexpected accidents and scratches!!


The 3M Materials Skins are the best thing that helps you to protect your phone and provide aesthetic look to your phone. When it comes to choosing mobile skins, SkinTech offers the best designs for your mobile phone and so you can choose the best from the available options.


We provide the best design mobile skins and so you can match your case with the desired styles you are seeking for your phone.

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