Phone Case vs Skin – Which One is Best For Your Mobile

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Smartphones have become a part of our daily life. No one can deny the significance of these devices in life.



Every year we see lots of new designs and shapes of smartphones with exclusive functionalities and systems. Smartphone manufacturers give something new with every new launch of these phones. People choose the design, shapes and size of phones as per their need and interest.


To keep up and safeguard the phones, people use different phone cases as per the design and sometimes according to the brand of the phone. Not only phone cases but also phone skins are utilised for safety purposes.


Both mobile skins and cases have varied levels of personalization and safety to your phone. Therefore, choosing between both is not an easy decision. However, we will help you in making a good selection between mobile skins and phone skins according to different parameters.


Both of the options have their pros and cons, depending on your phone needs, you can choose the better option. Before starting a discussion on case vs skin, we first know about both of these things separately.


What is a phone case?


Most of the people are already familiar with cases; whenever we buy a new phone, we always check for available cases.



The phone cases are a great way to personalize your phone quickly and give it a unique look as you want. No doubt, cases make your phone bulky as well as increase a little bit weight of it, however in return with cases you get safety and peace of mind in terms of accidents and phone drop cases.


There are lots of reasons for buying and using a phone case. Some of the reasons include damage protection, improving the look and many others. It is always ideal to invest in a good quality, lucrative and robust case that offers damage protection along with an enhanced look to your phone.


You can buy different size cases with varied quality of form factors and other materials. If you don’t want to make your bulky look, then you should choose a slick body type case that will not make it bulky, however, gives excellent protection against drops and accidents.


Don’t worry if you like bulky phones that look heavy in size and keep then you also have options to purchase fatty cases with different looks and styles.


Know the types of phone cases




Manufacturers use hard plastic to make these cases; that’s why these covers are very rigid. Since the case covers the back of the phone only, so you can easily use the buttons and screen of your phone. With these units, you can easily maintain the thin design of the phone as well as get the best protection against bumps. However, such cases don’t cover the phone screen, so the screen of your phone is not protected if you buy shell units. These cases are also not much effective in case of phone drops.


Socks, Sleeves and Pouches


These units contain canvas and fabrics as the manufacturing material; that’s why these are soft. These units cover your phone in the way of a sock, thus offering the best safety against damages. There are lots of benefits of using these cases such as budget-friendly and easy to take care of etc. However, they also have cons like no protection against falls and difficulty in accessing the phone.


Leather Cases


As the name describes, these cases are made from real leather and offered by big brands and manufacturers like Apple, Samsung. You can buy cases for iPad, iPhone, which is of pure leather. They provide excellent texture and smooth handling to the users.




One of the best features of using holsters cases is that you can attach it with your belt using a clip. Manufacturers use different materials for making these units like nylon and leather. With these phone cases, you will not feel any difficulty in accessing your phone. But the associated cons are they look very bulky.


Double-layer Phone Cases


These units are the best choice for those who work in challenging conditions and need ultimate protection for their phone. These cases contain two-layer security. The inner layer provides a smooth touch to the phone and absorbs the shocks, and the outer layer built from a hard material that safeguards your phone critical damages and drops. If you are seeking for double-layer protection, then this is the best way to go.


Also, some of the cases are available in the market that doesn’t provide better protection against shocks and drops, but they give a fantastic look and feel to your expensive phone. Not all people indeed like using phone cases due to lots of reasons and their choice. They might like phone skins.


Maybe you don’t want to give up the slickness or thickness of your phone that makes it a good look; perhaps you don’t want to lose the exact colour of your phone, maybe you don’t like the slippery back glass of it because it already slipped or dropped from your hand and now you have a broken back. These are some of the reasons that may push up towards using phone skins.


What is Phone Skin?


For making the phone skins vinyl, special printers and print process is required. Once it gets printed, manufacturers use a coating on it to make it durable and long-lasting.



The 3M materials skins available manufactured by Skin Tech offer the premium quality look and best in quality fit according to the model of your phone. We offer the best and exclusive quality when it comes to manufacturing mobile skins. We design the flawless skins to match your design styles as well as a choice of look and feel you are seeking for your phone.


There are lots of reasons for the popularity of phone skins. Some of the benefits include; Mobile skins don’t add any volume to your phone and make it look bulky, wrap around to the design of it, skin tight and preserve the real beauty of the design of your phone.


Why Skin Tech for Phone Skins?


While designing a mobile skin, the brand of your mobile doesn’t matter, as most of the big brands provide quality fit skins every time.

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At Skin Tech, we offer 3M Materials SkinsiPhone skinsOnePlus SkinsGoogle Pixel SkinsSamsung Galaxy SkinsXiaomi SkinsVivo SkinsMotorola Mobile Skins and for other smartphones.


Before delivering any skin, the expert team at Skin Tech tests its quality, so it assures that the clients receive the quality product every time.


One of the reasons for using cell phone skins is that they help you protect the phone from scratches, and maintain its look all times. Also, using a mobile skin doesn’t leave any sticky residue whenever we remove it, so you can keep the original look of your phone for a long time. Phone skins not only safeguard your phone from severe damages, drops and accidents but also keep it safe from the dust particles from entering into it.


In this way, it saves your mobile from dust scratches and keeps it clean for a long time. There are different types of skins available in the market made from different materials such as synthetic, silicon, rubber and other materials. Therefore you can buy it according to your requirements.


Along with the materials, you can also choose the different available styles of skins for different usage: permanent removable and partial removable. Therefore the selection of the skin completely depends on your preferences and needs. Skins are also available in different colors which you can choose from as per your choice and colour of the phone. We offer different phone skins at affordable prices, so there is no need to spend a significant amount to order it and get the desired product.


One of the biggest reasons for using a mobile skin is that it keeps up the design of the phone and doesn’t hide it. It improves the look and feels, thinness and design of the phone. With these attractive and beneficial features, you must go with a mobile skin.


Who can apply a phone skin?


Applying mobile skin is easy. Just use a cleanser to remove the greasiness, oily particles and dust particles and carefully apply the mobile skin to your phone. Make it straight and try to avoid the air entry into it. While applying the skin, you should be more careful on the edges. To make this process easier, you can use cutouts lined up.


Know the other features of mobile skins available at Skin Tech:


  • Best quality mobile skins manufactured with 3M Vinyl material
  • Tested products
  • Provide immense touch to the phone design
  • High precision and custom fit designs
  • Easy to apply on the phone with good quality adhesive for long-lasting use
  • Eye-catching textures and lucrative designs to give a unique touch to your personality
  • Tough and slick skins to offer the best safety from scratches.


What to choose between a phone case and skin? Which one is the best for your mobile?


There are different ways to protect your mobile devices, tablets, laptops from accidents, drops and damages. Which one do you choose depends on the level of safety you need for your device. Today we have different options such as artistic cases, vinyl skins, hardened cases, flexible cases, thin cases, and many others.


You can choose the desired cases made from silicone, plastic and rubber material that provide better security over a skin because skins don’t assure the protection against breakage, damage of drop accidents for your device. However, it is not only the answer to choose between a mobile case and skin. Let’s know the other reasons:


In Terms of Protection


Protection is the first reason for choosing between a mobile skin and a case for a user. Some of the users need excellent protection for their devices then they go with the case only as phone cases are a reliable choice that can protect your phone from fall damages and drops. Cases don’t guarantee protection against scratches; however, with them, you should leave yourself free from cracks and breakage issues. But, these units are the best shock absorbers that decrease the overall impact of fall damages and drops.


While phone skins are helpful to protect your phone from scratches but not a good option for fall damages, so, if damage protection is your priority, then you should go for the cases and if you need better safety from the scratches then choose skins. However, in terms of protection, phone cases win the race.


Overheating of Phone


People often face the overheating issue while charging their phone with a phone case. Usually, your phone will warm with a case while charging as the vents are closed due to cover. In contrast, phone skins don’t cover any port or vent used to cool down your phone.


At Skin Tech, we use the top quality material to manufacture the quality phone skins that allow full accessibility and saves your device from overheating issues.


In Terms of Form Factor


Today, mobile phone users demand easily pocketable, thin and slim devices. And manufacturers are working, in the same way, to offer the desired device to their users. When it comes to using a case for a phone, then we can say that the phone loses its original form factor and design look. On the other hand, if you want to maintain the original form factor of your phone, including some level of aesthetics and protection, then mobile skins are the best choice for you. Therefore, in terms of form fact phone skins win the race.


Durability/ Long-lasting usage


Whether the mobile skins contain excellent quality vinyl material, but they are not durable as compared to a silicon, plastic or rubber case. No doubt, skins offer better protection against scratches but can’t save your device from a bad drop.


While we use the phone cases for long-lasting safety for the device, so, when it comes to durability, cases are advantageous.


Style and Touch


There are lots of skins and cases are available in the market. You can choose from according to our taste and device. Do you want something classy with a modern touch then it is available. Do you want something modern with animated pictures that are available for you? Every design that you think is available. You can choose different colors, sizes and designs of both cases and the skins. Here both of these units are at the same platform due to the vast availability of creative and innovative designs.


In Terms of Functionality


You have limitless choices of creative cases that add a new functional layer to your phone. This new layer of functionality doesn’t come to your phone when you buy it. But, you can include it by using a phone case. Like you can have a case comes with kickstands that enable you to see the videos, images and other multimedia files easily. Cases also offer wallet facility to its user, card slots and other spaces and give an added quality to your device. Some other cases come with camera protection, and some other offers great to keep up for the phone battery.


Comfort of Usage


It becomes typical to operate a phone with a case because you hold a heavy, bulky and rough surface while accessing the phone. In contrast, phone skins designed at SkinTech are popular to offer high comfort and enhanced user experience. So, in terms of comfortable usage, the skin is the winner.


Keep up Design and Shape of the Mobile


There is no doubt that you lost the original look of your device if you use a phone case. Even some of the phone cases create issues when you charge your device. On the other hand, phone skins are the best choice if you want to maintain the design and shape of your device. Mobile skins are the best solution to keep all the ports and vents easily accessible for you. Again skin takes advantage over the case.




Whether there are lots of phone cases available in the market relying on the size, design, shape and safety features; however, it seems impossible to find a mobile case thinner than phone skin. In this way, if you like the sleek design and thinness of your phone then go with mobile skins.




In this writing, we have seen a distinction of case vs skin. With this discussion, we have found that mobile cases and skins have their pros and cons. However, the skins have more advantages over cases. But, we can’t neglect the importance of a phone case as well. Skins can’t offer durability and the same level of protection as compared to its robust opponent, however, in other terms skins ahead from its competitor.



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