What's a Skin?

Skins are accessories for the electronic device. They're super thin and stick to your phone. They are available in authentic textures like wood, stone, metal etc. Which give a premium look and feel to your device. At just 0.23 millimetres thin, they’re not at all bulky and provide style with a little substance.

What's a Decal?

A Decal is a mono-coloured cut out of any desired shape or pattern - more like stickers, which can be moved to another surface upon contact made from vinyl materials. We recommend adding them to your phones, laptops, iPad and gaming consoles for a one in a million look.

More varieties

We provide skins with stone, metal, wood and many more textures, also not to forget true colours like red, black, yellow, orange etc to satisfy every need of different customers. We at Skin Tech always bring up new and different varieties for our customers to fulfil their requirement.

Authentic 3M Materials

A Skin Tech skin is manufactured with quality 3M material. 3M is the global leader in premium vinyl – that’s why Skin Tech uses only 3M materials across our entire range of products. Our exclusive use of top-grade materials ensures bubble free application and you’ll never end up with a skin that has potential to leave adhesive residue on your device. Our products are designed to stick to your device flawlessly, coming off clean when you ever decide to remove it.

Unmatched Precision

What is a skin without precision? Probably something you'll end up wanting to throw in the trash. That's why you came to Skin Tech, where we provide with the most precise fit. We've taken precision to the next level. Our team tests each skin tirelessly before launch. This means that you get a fully tested product, and the best fit possible. Our team ensures to cut no corners which make us the most precise skin manufacturer in India.

Special Edition

Are you looking for a more progressive way to advertise for your company? Perhaps you would like to showcase your company name or logo on your device. At Skin Tech, we can apply your company logo to your device for an affordable and unique way to build your brand.

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