iPhone 12 Pro Max Skins & Wraps


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iPhone 12 Pro Max Skins & Wraps

With the launch of iPhone 12 Pro max you would definitely want your new phone to shine even more. Skintech provides a super thin iPhone 12 Pro max skin which will stick to your phone maintaining the original shape and giving the phone a new stylish look which will be unique from the other iPhone 12 Pro max users.


Authentic 3M Materials

A Skin Tech skin is manufactured with quality 3M material. 3M is the global leader in premium vinyl – that’s why Skin Tech uses only 3M materials across our entire range of products. Our exclusive use of top-grade materials ensures bubble free application and you’ll never end up with a skin that has potential to leave adhesive residue on your device. Our products are designed to stick to your device flawlessly, coming off clean when you ever decide to remove it.


Unmatched Precision

What is a skin without precision? Probably something you'll end up wanting to throw in the trash. That's why you came to Skin Tech, where we provide with the most precise fit. We've taken precision to the next level. Our team tests each skin tirelessly before launch. This means that you get a fully tested product, and the best fit possible. Our team ensures to cut no corners which make us the most precise skin manufacturer in India.



A Skin Tech skin can last up to 2 years depending on the usage. The materials we offer are heat absorbent, dust and stain resistant, shields your device from dents and scratches, and a total annihilation of fingerprints – all without adding any bulk. This means that they do not only make your phone look good but also protects your phone from minor drops.