Anubhav Roy Edition Skins

Anubhav Roy is an 18-year-old YouTuber, a freelance cinematographer, content creator and a budding filmmaker from Calcutta, India. He has had a knack for technology and video games since he was a kid, and his passion has lead to him creating his YouTube channel, which has amassed more than 1.1 Lakh subscribers and has over 9 million views. His videos are mostly about technology and other interesting visuals with an amazing cinematic touch. He believes in our brand and Skin Tech is proud to have a creator like him on board with us.

On further asking Anubhav, he goes on to say:" I was always the type of guy who wanted and loved to influence and teach people about the things I love and gain support from them. An important part of all of this is brand representation. After my infamous AR logo was created, I decided to get that physically done.Skin Tech was one of the first brands helping this dream of mine touch reality.Having that logo engraved even if it was the only one who had instilled a sense of purpose into all I was doing. I'm a proud ambassador for this brand and I always will be."

AR Edition Skins